Establishing Your Child's Dental Home

The first step parents can take to create a trusting patient/dentist relationship for their child is simply taking the initiative to schedule and come for their first dental visit. However, this is only one part of a comprehensive approach that the dentist, parent, and child take when establishing a beneficial preventive care routine.

When visiting our office, Dr. Bob Testen takes time with each patient, educating them and their parents about the benefits of establishing a consistent dental home. If you want your young ones to see a dentist that is as friendly and easy to talk to as he is educated and professional, call our office in Germantown today to set up an appointment.

The Importance of Consistency

The most important element to consider when establishing a dental home for your child is consistency in care. At our office, we created a fun and inviting atmosphere for kids to feel right at home with Dr. Bob and our staff. We see infants as young as a year old, conducting a gentle examination of your child while they sit comfortably and safely in your lap, knee to knee with Dr. Testen. 

This first appointment gets them used to our office, allowing us to start developing a trust with you and your child right away. We’ll incorporate cleaning the teeth into future appointments when it can be safely and comfortably accomplished. 

We emphasize to parents the importance of keeping consistent appointments for their children. We strongly recommend seeing patients every six months so our partnership in caring for your child’s teeth can remain consistent and strong.

Educating Parents About Approaches to Prevention

Implementing a thorough at-home oral care routine not only provides a great foundation for healthy teeth, it can help your child avoid needing costly restorative dental work that often results from poor oral hygiene habits. The key to your child developing a great preventive routine they can benefit from throughout their whole life is to start the process with them. 

It is recommended that parents start brushing and flossing their child’s teeth for them on a daily basis until such time that they can properly perform the process themselves. Additionally, we recommend parents regularly educate themselves about helpful preventive measures such as dietary choices that promote good oral health, and how to safely alleviate your child’s pain caused by teething.

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Our dedicated team encourages the parents of our patients to take a proactive approach when helping their child establish great oral care habits. If you are looking for a trusted and friendly pediatric dentist to help your child establish their dental home in Germantown, Clarksburg, or Damascus, call our office today for an appointment.